Attending the 2017 info tech convention is one of the best things I did. It made me realize that technology is quite the reason why I no longer see myself different from the rest of the world’s people. Yes, I consider myself one of those individuals who can no longer live without the use of digital devices. And the worst is that I become more drawn to things I cannot do instead of those I can.

You see, I like technology. It undoubtedly helps me in my everyday endeavor. So what is to complain about that? Well, the thing is, technology influences my decisions a lot. It is like always putting things into the hand of the machines that can do the work for me. It felt great because I no longer have to push myself in doing a task that most machines can do. I am free of chores, and I am happy with that. However, looking at these devices made me question myself. Do I entirely need them to make my life easier? Or are these machines the representation of how boring, lazy, and pathetic life would be when depending on them?


The main goal of technology is to support convenience. But deep down inside me, it felt wrong. It is as if I find it difficult to acknowledge my skills because a convenient device somehow does everything. The technology offered me a lot of ways to complete my task, and I am thankful for that. But with all the convenience it brings in my life, I kind of felt useless at some point.

I believed I am too dependent on most apparatus. I love electronic and digital devices– there is no argument about that. But perhaps it is time to commit to doing simple things without technological help.

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