Five Ways on How Technology has Helped with Modern Education


There is already so much argument on how technology has affected our lives negatively. Most people argue we have become disconnected from reality and heavily reliant on machines and phones. Some would even say that the quality of life has degraded because technology has made us robots.

All of these may have their merit, but it is also only right to acknowledge the positive side of technology. The fantastic advances in technology have made a lot of impossible things within reach, most notably when it comes to education.

To celebrate how technology helped both our teachers and our students, take a look below:


Fast Facts

Gone are the days when we’d have to go through heavy encyclopedias to check for facts. Both educators and children today are fortunate since a quick Google search can easily grant them access to trillions of facts.

Technology has also made it easier for school libraries to go digital and update their lacking selections. Because of this, students can do research easier. At the same time, teachers can now craft their lesson plans more efficiently. They would also be sure they’re teaching the right things.

Educational Simulations

Teachers often have a hard time engaging their students to learn new or repetitive stuff. But through technology, teachers can easily expose their students to educational games through computers.

Instead of the usual pen and paper format, students can learn through computer games, which makes learning fun. The virtual aspects of this game also make it easier for students to understand and absorb the lesson.

Web Seminars

Unfortunately, not every school has enough budget and resources to send their students on field trips related to their subjects. Because of this, the education of students can suffer.

Thanks to technological advancements, students have more freedom to use the Internet to attend web seminars by several educational institutions. Some schools take advantage of this to let their students register for different web seminars. Outside of school requirements, students can also access several sites focused on providing educational videos.


Additional Resource

This improvement goes for both teachers and students. Through technology, resources like educational and productivity apps, search engines, video sites, and interactive online activities are now within reach.

There is virtually an endless stream of information available out there. Online, you can find materials like online lesson plans and even published books, journals, research, or articles about any subject imaginable. 


Traditional teaching has proven that no child is the same when it comes to learning. Every student absorbs information at his or her pace.

With the existence of technology, there are now more innovative ways to integrate technology inside the classroom. It can help students learn at a rate that they find comfortable. For example, laptops, tablets, or computers can help students store class materials for them to look back to later. At the same time, teachers can also save time, so they can guide students who may need it. Win-win!

Final Words

These are just a few benefits technology has given us in terms of how we have improved our educational system. It just proves that technology still has lots of good sides to it despite its bad rep. Modern advances make it possible for both students and teachers to become more competent with their knowledge. But just as with other things, use technology with caution. Still, technology has surely made learning fun. Cheers!

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