Infusing Technology In Third World Countries (Part 1)

We are now in the Information Age where technology rules the world. Technological Revolution has been accepted and is being integrated worldwide. Technology has a significant role in the development and economic growth of different countries.  This will help not only the developed countries but also the Third World countries regarding the economy and in having the best connection with the rest of the world. Without the integration of the advancement of technology, a country will be left behind.


Third World countries struggle to incorporate technology into their policy and culture. Most of the underdeveloped and Third World countries do not welcome the influence of the United States and other developed countries for some political factors. They thought that accepting the influence of Western countries will just be used by the United States and other developed countries to gain a lot of weight to them and eventually take over their nation. They are neglecting the fact that this is just for their benefit. One of the primary reasons why these countries have a weak economy is the inability to integrate technology into their policy. By avoiding the integration of technology, those countries will instead reach economic stagnation, which might later increase poverty and lead to a higher unemployment rate.

Infusing technology should strictly be given focus by the United States and other developed countries for this will help decrease the gaps with the other parts of the world, thus strengthens communication. By integrating the World Wide Web and allowing the communication lines, those countries will improve their economy and raise their people’s standard of living.

Technology Causing Economic Growth


The World Wide Web technology is one of the most famous inventions that support growth theory in economics and is considered to be one of the most significant solutions to increase the Third World countries’ economic situation. The United States and other developed countries use all kinds of existing technological devices to help them work on new ideas and implement them into reality. These technological discoveries allow them to gain sustainable economic growth over their competitors.

Technology And Job Creation


In the Third World and underdeveloped countries, the unemployment rate is very high. By integrating technology, more companies will open; thus job opportunities will increase. Moreover, technological skills will also develop in these countries especially that almost all jobs today require a certain degree of IT skills. Today, mobile phones and other computer software make services accessible to everyone online. Everyone can benefit from this in different fields such as agriculture, healthcare, and education. In Kenya, for example, a project called e-Warehouse uses mobile phone services to help small farmers store their crops.

Globalization Is The Key

One of the possible ways proved by several economic analysts to infuse technology to Third World countries is globalization. The process of globalization will help Third World countries to adjust to technology at a much faster pace. It can occur through communication channels, technical and scientific workshops that will allow Third World countries to adopt the existing advanced technologies. Without the integration of technology, Third World countries would need to spend a lot to be able to communicate with the rest of the parts of the World.

Infrastructure Development To Support Technology

One of the significant problems in infusing technology is the lack of infrastructure that could support advanced technologies. Continuously improving the infrastructure in those countries will also achieve sustainable development in different fields such as schools, factories, and roads, not only in technology.

The next blog is Part 2 of this article. Watch out for it since the article will discuss more ideas on how Information technology works or functions in Third World Countries when infused.

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