Best Online Learning Platform This Coming 2020

Many businesses and schools are now taking advantage of the benefits that technology brings. One of the ways they’re shifting their operations is through the use of online learning platforms.

A lot of learning platforms are now designed to help students and employees learn at their own time without having to sacrifice the content. With this in mind, here are some of the most noteworthy online learning platforms to visit this 2020.


Adobe Captivate Prime

Adobe Captivate Prime incorporates a product called Fluidic Player, which can take notes while watching videos. There is also a dashboard guide that the learner can use to see their pending tasks, schedules, and progress and compare their performance with their colleagues.

Another good thing with Adobe Captivate Prime is its offline mode. Its users can download the materials so they can access and study them offline. The system is also capable of tracking the learner’s progress offline and automatically syncs their performance at the next login.


Docebo is considered a Learning Management System (LMS), which helps upload, track, organize, and distribute online courses. Unlike other learning platforms, Docebo encourages collaboration among its users instead of focusing on a one-way broadcast in their lessons.

For example, users have an area on their dashboard where they are allowed to ask questions about the topic and get answers from its co-users. They also have the freedom to share their knowledge, which can be confirmed and validated through reviews from peers.


ezTalks Webinar

ezTalks Webinar is a favorite online learning website that enables teachers to conduct an online class without hassle. Its interface is customizable to match the branding of your intended virtual course. You can add a logo, upload a customized background image, decorate the dashboard, and more.

The learners can also fully interact with the instructor via whiteboard, text chat, polling, and screen sharing. These features improve the way users respond to the lessons and enrich their knowledge.

Talent LMS

Talent LMS has a unique approach when it comes to learning. To increase the engagement of the users, they use the power of gamification. They get to have productive games in the middle of the video, so they feel more relaxed with their learning process. Aside from this, they also have a variety of communication tools such as discussion forums, calendars, messaging, and video conferencing.



Udemy is one of the most prominent digital platforms out there. It now boasts over 15 million students trying to engage themselves with approximately 65,000 available courses. There are two primary plan options: Team and Enterprise.

Coming with the basic features, the Team Plan refers to the program for 5 to 20 users. Meanwhile, the Enterprise Plan comes with additional features, including Single Sign-On (SSO) and analytics for user engagement. It also can measure the user’s learning engagement and capabilities to determine what materials work best for the students and employees.

These five best e-learning platforms have their own unique and advantageous features. Which one fits your learning goals and capability is up to you.

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