Setting Up A Healthy And Ergonomic Workstation

Working in IT doesn’t seem like a physically taxing job. Many of us spend most of our days sitting down in front of screens. But don’t take this lightly! Long hours in front of desks do take a toll on our bodies.

Among the health risks that plague office workers are eyestrain, back pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Left unchecked, these can severely impact your health and productivity. Fortunately, there are easy ways to make sure your workstation is healthy and ergonomic, so you’ll have no worries while working on those long coding marathons.


Watch Your Posture

Observe your posture—that’s the simplest thing you can do right now. Are you slouching, and is your neck angled down? Are your arms stretched out? Are your legs not resting correctly on the floor? You might want to double-check how you position your body.

Make sure your back is leaning neutrally against the back of your chair – neither bent forward nor arched far backward. Your arms shouldn’t be angled upwards or downwards, just perpendicular to your body. Don’t forget about your feet! They shouldn’t be hanging off your chair and straining your legs. And be mindful of your screen as it should be at eye level.


Keep Your Desktop Work-Friendly

The perfect desktop is clean, tidy, and designed with ease of work in mind too! Take a few minutes to declutter your desk. Reduce the stuff you keep on there; drawers and shelves are your best friends. Over time, clutter will gather up again, so make this simple act a habit. It will boost your productivity and keep distractions off, and you’ll also make quite an impression on your co-workers as well.

The next step is to make your keyboard and mouse are within arm’s reach. Your arms and fingers shouldn’t struggle to get work done. And if you use other tools frequently, such as a telephone, notebook, or a stapler, make sure they’re not too far from your seat.

Investing In Upgrades

If you want to take your workstation makeover to the next level, you might want to get yourself new additions to your office. A footrest is useful to help your feet get that extra inches for it to rest comfortably on the ground. And if your working on a laptop, you should have a laptop stand! A laptop is notorious for its poor ergonomics, so getting a laptop stand keeps you from craning your neck downwards from hours on end.

There are plenty of upgrade options you can invest in, from special ergonomic chairs to cable managers and even desk plants. Check out this list if you’re looking for other ideas.


Get Up And Get Moving

Lastly, don’t forget to get up from your desk and take breaks! Walk around your office, get some fresh air, and take in some sunlight. Your eyes will also get strained, so try out some eye exercises.

And if you’re up to get your blood flowing, you can do simple exercises such as leg planks and chair dips.

On the other hand, taking that step of talking to a professional from BetterHelp is also one of the most awesome choices to make. You’ll be able to deal with your worries, anxieties, and other mental health issues that you need help and guidance with. You can visit their official site or proceed to this link for more information about how it works and how to get connected. 

It’s easy to forget about keeping our health in mind while focused on working on projects. By taking these steps, you’re sure to help make your work easier and lighter. They’re free and easy, and your body will thank you for it.


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