15 Examples Of New Technology In Education


Technologies are now integrated into education, and it is an excellent medium in delivering the topics being discussed. This innovation in technology permanently affects and changes the way of learning in an institution. Check the list below for the list of examples of new technology used in education:

  • Flashnotes

If you are a student who likes to note down about the topic of discussion, Flashnotes is right for you. Flashnotes is a platform where you can scan and upload your lecture notes and sell them to other students. It has a rating system which allows the very best detail takers to get business.

  • Lore

This is a social network that allows the teachers and students to communicate, follow one another and discuss their class works and do lectures. It also allows the user to upload their document, share their calendar and a grade book option.

  • Study Blue

Most students use their smartphones as storage and as a source of their study materials. Study Blue created an application where the students can organize their coursework, store their notes and flashcards, and to also share their materials to other students. This application also aids students to find other individuals studying the same subjects and allow them to exchange resources.

  • LEAP Motion

LEAP Motion will enable you to sign your digital document using your finger and air. The company intends to give people a more natural way of interacting with their computer. It has developed a piece of hardware that allows anyone to draw, write, zoom, play and interact with their screen by using only your fingers and hand. The mouse follows the as you move your hands over their device. This is an innovation from those days of using a pad and stylus, and it also allows to allow the drawings look even authentic.

  • Paper Tab

Paper Tab is a paper computer which looks and feels like a sheet of paper. This tablet can be twisted and dropped without damaging the screen. It can also combine several Paper Tabs and place them side by side. This also allows sharing files by touching one tablet to another.

  • Chromebooks

This type of laptop has a one-push easy set-up. The settings and restrictions are easy to manipulate, and it also offers a traditional keyboard that is designed for fast typing and note-taking. This technology is more popular with the lower grade school classrooms.

  • Celly

This is a text-messaging network, and it allows anyone to create a system anywhere. It will enable students to write their thoughts clearly and concisely, and it is an excellent use for academic purposes.

  • Flipped Classroom

This allows sending the students lectures in video format. This will enable the students to have advanced studies and the classroom time can also be used in discussing difficulty areas.

  • Snagit, Jing, Camtasia

These are screen taking video programs that allow the teachers to explain his lectures while recording narration and demonstrating the action on the screen.  

  • LessonCast

LessonCast allows teachers to submit a 2-minute lesson plan strategies, ideas or resource by using a video, documents, powerpoint presentations, and other materials to share with other instructors.

  • Kid Blog

This allows young students to create their blog connected to the classroom. This also allows other students, teachers, and parents to give comments to their work, which can be a great motivation.

  • Glogster EDU

This allows students to make a collage of pictures, text, video and customize graphics to create an appealing visual presentation of their project.

  • Donors Choose

It allows teachers to create a project idea for their students. Individuals can fund and back up any project they choose.

  • Live Binders

This allows teachers to collect and organize resources for their lesson plans.

  • Knewton

This aims at personalizing content for optimal learning and monitors the student’s activity which then uses the information to give them the best resources.

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