Five Ways Teachers Can Use Technology To Help Their Students

One of the many attributes of the American Education system is that it is resilient to changes. It is very much the opposite of what Thomas Edison has predicted around 100 years ago. It is not much of a surprise that almost everything has modernized (everyone in your family has a gadget or two in their hands, right?) except for the education system. Up to the present, the system still makes do of certain practices that were only relevant to previous generations — this kind of mindset subject students to perform methods regardless of their aptitude and its relevance to modern times.

Technology can transform many things but not the education governance system. The governing body for schools may be one of the strictest, if not the ultimate, of many regulating bodies in America. Rules applied should be followed as is and because of this trait, the education department of the government can control the people under it and cease breakthroughs from occurring. But this kind of obstacle can be put to end only if the teachers are given the opportunity to see the beauty and importance of technology in school.

Five approaches can significantly impact the teachers and their students if they adopt education technology and these are as follows:

Schools Must Use Technology That Empowers Teachers.

Many platforms enable teachers to do more for their students even with less. What are these “less?” Train teachers to use APPS since apps can make things easier – and well, it’s where technology is taking us when life, work, and education is concerned. However, some educators prefer not using it for reasons like learning innovations can rob them off from teaching. More so, these apps can also be very beneficial to the schools as they can monitor the progress of the teachers and students alike. I guess it will be a show of balance; how to use certain apps that will help teachers help the students without the educators feeling that their “manual labor” is being stripped off. I mean, if they will be teaching the kids to use the apps, they are educating them. Only educators can teach the students how to use that.

Teachers Should Treat The Adoption Of Technology As Part Of Lesson Planning.

District leaders tend to make new policies to make a mark. This may be good, but more often than not, it can complicate things as changes have to be made yet again. However, teachers can spare students from that trouble by incorporating in their lessons the use of technology. Educators can make use of modern technology in planning their lessons more efficiently without having to get into trouble by disregarding the new policies. If technology can make things simpler for educators and learners, then, why not use it? As long as the learners will acquire knowledge from their teachers with the help of technology, I mean, isn’t that the whole point of learning?

Teachers Should Not Fear Open-Source Technologies.

Many organizations have been adapting the open-source technology of its stability, security, and compatibility with other applications but not the schools and the teachers. Many of them are often mislead that this kind of technology is not only expensive but also complicated to use. If they were oriented and given the time to do hands-on, the teachers might be able to welcome the open-source technology. What can schools (the government) do? Subject the educators to further training on how they can teach the students about open-source technology. It’s the only way to improve.

Use Online Education Portfolios To Evaluate Students.

Portfolios are of great help to students ever since. With online portfolios, teachers can grade the student just by browsing through the platform. Likewise, students can benefit from this because they can express their creativity interactively. Unlike the hardcopy type of portfolio, an online portfolio is cost-efficient and energy-efficient. It can also save time as it is online. Both educators and learners can check the platform and provide feedback instantly.

Teachers Should Embrace The Common Core State Standards.

It is a fact that teachers have to comply with standards set by governing institutions. Having common standards can simplify the jobs of the teachers by eradicating different principles and the redundancy of work (more details available in FamilyEducation). Moreover, adoption of universally accepted standards will be of help not only to teachers and students but also to innovators because they can now focus on developing innovations rather than dwelling on technical issues made by the numerous standards that were set.

Surely there are many reasons why adopting education technology takes time to happen; however, despite all of these, education can be reformed by teachers that are working hand in hand. Furthermore, teachers are faced with many opportunities where they can make use of inexpensive but easy to use education technologies that can improve that way their students learn.

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