Technology and its relationship with all the system of society have been the fundamentals of 2014 Moreno valley education on its summit.  With the fast modernization of technology, the quality of life and education in the society has evolved since the early 1990s. This evolution is seen in the progression of information technology which became the key point to the development of teaching and learning mechanisms. Without the combination of technology and education, an improvement on human activities would not be possible.

Technology In Society

Having a product of technological advancements such as computers and other devices can significantly affect our way of living.  It can both negatively and positively influence our daily activities, especially for our physical endeavors. It is good when it opens an avenue for people’s convenience like speedy long-distance communication, transportation, and technological applications.


However, it is completely unfavorable if unethical exercises have been made using the internet. Overexposure to the internet may cost students and even adults to spend all their time playing games on applications which lessen their time for physical activities. It may also result to lose the pleasure of real social life of a person.

Technology In Education

Incorporating technology in all educational aspect may cost thousands of dollars, but institutions can benefit from it. Resources such as electronic books and computer laboratories help both learner and teacher to function with convenience. Moreover, technology enables learners to study and to discover new concepts with an extraordinary educational experience.


Professors can use technology as a measure of learning and perceiving new resources. Not only that, technology enables professors to go virtual and handle conferences using any social network platforms where they can share educational recourses and ideas. They can also track student data and grades through applications online that can ease the process of monitoring.

Technology has improved the way of communication, the advancement of research, and virtual group collaboration. But to avoid countless negative impacts, everyone must set limits and be wise in the usage of technology.

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